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Fearlessly Grow your Wealth with Femme Financial

Empowering women to master financial management and investing through the Rich Woman Academy.

Ask yourself...

You've worked your way up... you're making more than you've ever made before.... but you feel like you should be further along financially by now.

You need a plan to make your money work harder for you, but the thought of figuring it out alone has you s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g.

You get invited to another trip, another random expense pops up, you should be able to afford these things (and more!) no problem, but instead...

X You still have credit card debt you can't seem to get a handle on

X You're scared to open your bank account and see how much you've been spending #avoidant

X You know you're investing, but you have never even logged into your 401K account on your own and have no idea what you're investing 

X You have money sitting in a savings account doing nothing that you need a plan for, like, yesterday!

X You're not feeling confident in understanding how to manage your money, how to invest or how to be strategic about it

Are you where you want to be financially?
You know you need a  plan asap, but you don't know where to start.
I spent YEARS learning how to do this and made plenty of mistakes along the way. 

I get it.

Figure it out alone? That's when D.I.Y. becomes W.T.F.

Listen up, it's not your fault...

You've tried getting on top of this before, maybe even more than once! You follow several finance accounts on social media, you've bought some investing books, you've downloaded all the budgeting apps.


You've consumed all the "tips & tricks" that taught the how-to, but was missing the "How to do this for my specific financial situation."

Which accounts do YOU need now that you're making more money? How much money do YOU actually need to be investing every month? How do YOU set your family up for long-term success? What steps do YOU need to take to retire early? 

Learning finances on your own is do-able, but can often take wayyy longer than it needs to. And what happens when most people try to do it on their own? They start, then stop. Then start, then stop... 

You need support + a clear strategy that is tailored to your life

Say goodbye to ... 

X feeling confused about money and having no plan

X hours wasted trying to understand investing from Youtube

X being stuck in procrastination and overwhelm

Just imagine...

celebrating your first $100K invested (or more!) … and knowing you're on track to build a multi-million dollar portfolio 


saying #BYEFELICIA to your job in your 50s instead of in your 60s and traveling the world with more time to do what you love


having a plan to pay off the rest of your high interest debt by the end of the year so you can finally start working on your future instead of your past


setting not just yourself up for success, but your family and future family up as well so they don’t have to struggle as much as you did


knowing your finances in and out and never feeling stressed about what to do with your money ever again even as you continue moving up in your career


frustration ... stress... overwhelm

Imagine being my next success story

"Since starting the program I paid off $7456 of debt... in THREE MONTHS!  I never thought this was possible."

Brittany C. (32)

Missy is from the US, living in Austria, making good money but has a large amount of student loan debt, supports her family financially, and is pivoting to starting her own business. She learned how to take control of her finances and manage all of these different moving parts. She now has systems set up that will keep her on track whereas before finances caused her a lot of stress.


"I went into this with the idea that I was going to grab hold of my financial life, but it's so crazy that it turned into something that was more life-changing"

Michelle "Missy" S. (30) Creative Strategist

"Now I feel confident and set up for the future and the money I need for retirement actually feels do-able whereas before I was like... what's the point?"



A close proximity 3 month  group/private coaching program for women who are making good money and are ready to elevate their financial plan with a strategy they feel proud of

The LAST money program you'll ever need to grow your finances on autopilot, with proven systems that you can implement now

Premium access to the fast lane to increase your savings, investments, and passive income in less than three months

The Aligned Money Method

Eliminate guesswork with ONE proven framework to implement #ByeOverwhelm

Learn how to create your own money plan that includes an effective budget, debt management system, and a savings and investing strategy to grow your income and finances even further

Get LIVE hands-on support with a "Do it Together" Approach so that you can stop trying to figure it out alone


a plan you'll finally be able to stick to 

Why you should work with me ...

With over 5 years experience coaching THOUSANDS of women I've seen it all! 

When I started my own finance journey in 2019, I quickly became overwhelmed with learning #allthethings you're supposed to be doing. I was making good money (over $150K by age 27!), but I felt like there was SO much more I could be doing. 

After years of coaching and my own personal finance practice, I created the Aligned Money Method. This is not only what I used in my own finances to go from $15K invested at 25 to $500K invested by 30, but it is what I teach to all of my clients as well.

I built Rich Woman Academy because I noticed a huge lack of close proximity coaching programs especially for higher income women. From being in group coaching programs myself for business, I've seen first hand the power that support and community can provide in helping you hit your goals.


There are a lot of money programs out there, but few offer the unique approach of not only teaching money management, but also guiding you to significantly enhance your financial situation. I truly believe if you're making over $100K, retirement in your 60s should be a choice, not a necessity. I'm here to support you in reaching that goal and achieving your other financial milestones faster than you think is possible.

Ready to become my next success story? I can't wait to meet you inside!






⋒ Private Mastermind Group

⋒ TWO 1-1 Strategy Coaching Calls 

⋒ Amazing surprise GUEST SPEAKERS

⋒ Private online slack community

⋒ PRIORITY ACCESS to Haley during the duration of the program

⋒ 2024 Budget Planner, Cheat Sheets, and Templates

What's Included

Imagine being my next success story

"I'm on track for the end of the year to be completely debt free!"

Lola (34
) Learning & development Specialist

"It really is a snowball effect. Now that I've gotten started I look at it everywhere. The program length really allowed me to embed those habits into my day-to-day life. I'm talking about money more with people around me, with my family and friends."


Valentina is making good money ($140K), but not sure what to do with it. She had started investing, but was doing the bare minimum. Now, not only is she on track to max out her 401K, Roth IRA, and HSA, but she has regular money dates and will be opening up an additional brokerage soon to invest even further. Her new goal is to invest over $50K this year!

"Having the meetings and the community of women just talking about their experiences made me feel a lot less alone. 3 months flew by fast! 

Valentina  (30) Software Engineer

Perfect for the women who...

Are making over $100k, but you’re still missing the basics (Lookin’ at you, credit card debt.)

Don’t know where to start — and you don’t have the time to figure it out on your own

Aren’t afraid to invest in yourself — and are ready to reclaim your power

Value community of other strong women to bring out the best in you 


On the fringe of burnout — and you know you can't work like this forever and are looking for a plan of attack


Are action-takers and go-getters


Pay in Full

Payment Plans



As low as

Join the life-changing program today!

Pay in full


Payment plans

As low as


per month

Imagine being my next success story

"I think one of my biggest things was that I needed to invest in myself. Seeing how quickly everything shifted for me was amazing."

Patria (37) Social Media Marketing

Patria is a single mom of two kids and she is making good money, but came into the program struggling with saving, feeling secure in her family's finances, and not knowing how to invest. Now she talks openly about money and has a clear path moving forward. 


Jennifer never felt confident in her finances. She came into the program with over $30K of debt that she couldn't seem to get to the other side of and on track for less than $200K at retirement. And now in her 50s she finally feels like she has a plan. She is on track to not only be debt free by the end of the year, but invest over $46K alone next year and now has a plan to retire with over $1M!

"I've always hated dealing with money now I'm trying to change that in my head I don't have to hate it if I stay on top of it and I'm skilled with the knowledge and the tools"

Jennifer (50) Fort Collins, CO


  • All calls are recorded! I encourage you to try to make as many as you can (as the live calls are fun!) but all replays will be uploaded the same night as the calls. Calls take place Tuesdays at 5 pm pst/8 pm est and are 60 mins

  • You will have lifetime access to the calls and 3 months access to the slack channel

  • Of course! This is great for individuals and couples. As long as they are willing to learn and put in the work as well!

  • I have my self-guided course A Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth if you are looking for something more self-paced. and less of an investment or I offer private coaching which is a higher investment.

  • Nope! However, if you are outside of the US and Canada, you will have to do some work into looking into which banks/brokerages are available to you as I am only familiar with US options. Most of the information in the program is applicable no matter where you are  based.

  • I will most likely, but as I am continuing to add to the program and enhance it, I can't guarantee the price will stay the same in the future.

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