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Reclaim your financial power with 1:1 Private Coaching

Your 2 a.m. money stress needs to go.

Have these stories kept you up at night?

Diligently trying to budget, yet facing the maddening back and forth of credit card debt 

Getting older, realizing you don’t know how you’re actually going to retire

Earning good money, but having no clue where your money is going

Boldly running a thriving business, but still struggling to make it truly profitable

Be the one in charge of your money and your future — with a plan you stick to.

It's not just about having the right tools; it's about integrating them into a cohesive, actionable plan that you can commit to, with an experienced guide who is motivated to see you succeed.

A 3-month program where we transform financial stress into financial freedom.


Over the course of three in-depth sessions, you will:

1:1 money coaching, tailored to your needs

Assess your finances and develop a money plan that fits your exact needs and a budget you stick to.

Create a custom money plan


Gain the know-how to invest confidently and independently.

Develop an investment plan


Set up systems that ensure every financial move aligns with your goals — whether it's early retirement, your child's dream education, or those much-desired vacations.

Streamline financial peace with automation


PLUS! Access my private FB Community, LIVE monthly office hours, support & homework in-between

Because coaching is highly personalized, I only offer 6 spots every three months.

"I feel more secure because I have a plan in place.

Before I was in Haley's coaching program, I was spending more than I was making. I tried to budget on Mint, but I needed the accountability. Haley was very patient and made me feel like I have someone to rely on when it comes to money decisions. 


I feel more secure because I have a plan in place to clear my debts and save for the future.


That’s a systematic issue.


Your money is personal. 


Talking with someone about your money can make you feel vulnerable, anxious, and a little bit regretful for all the ways you haven’t had your money in order before.


And because money education has been minimal (where was this in high school?), building wealth has felt like it’s only for *certain* people. 


I felt this way, which is exactly why I started educating myself, so I could *actually* know where my 401(k) was going.

Sounds too good to be true?

Personalized money goals you can practically reach.

In this FREE 13-page guide, you learn the essentials of building wealth: mindset, saving, debt, and investing. With guided questions and my TOP financial tools and platforms to save you money, it’s the next right step for women feeling overwhelmed by money.

Building wealth starts with identifying your goals and knowing your numbers.

FREE Money Guide


Confidently manage your financial future, regardless of your history. 

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