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Why I Talk Openly about Finances

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

How speaking out about financial literacy will make us all wealthier!

A lot of people were shocked when I posted my net worth and income and in full transparency, I went back and forth on doing so myself!

However, there are many reasons I talk openly about finances. Here are my top three:

  1. I firmly believe money should NOT be a taboo subject. There is so much s h a m e and g u i l t around money and the more we talk about it, the more we learn and grow together!

  2. I also firmly believe that money doesn't have to be so scary and complicated. Making your money work for you is a powerful skill and something I am very passionate about teaching!

  3. Lastly, I want to show you that if I, a 26 year old woman who never had a background in finance and who is notoriously bad at math, can learn this stuff then you definitely can too!

It is difficult for people to talk about money for many reasons. Rather than being taught strength and power around money, a lot of us have money as our top stressor and are made to feel loneliness, fear, and shame. Also, many of us grow up thinking money is dirty and it is a taboo subject in a lot of our homes.

My goal is to take that power back and show you how easy it can be to become knowledgeable and feel confident when it comes to money.

And I want you to start demanding more for yourselves.

I can't do that if I don't share my personal journey!

Ups, downs, everything..

By learning financial literacy and investing, you will be able to drive up your confidence and your ability to achieve your future goals.

So, yes, I will continue talking openly about money because I hope to break down the barriers that are keeping so many of us from financial independence.

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