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Using a Financial Advisor? READ THIS!

I saved my client over $400k by helping her learn to invest herself... (instead of with an advisor)

Before my client was working with me, she had 85K invested with a financial advisor charging 1.35% of her portfolio (** cough cough Edward Jones** ).

She is 30 and was planning on continuing to invest at least $800 monthly with them.

I had her show me what her advisor was investing her money in and it was nothing special.

I showed her how she could have the almost exact same portfolio via a target date fund or by choosing her own funds at a fraction of the fee.

Don't let the fear of learning to invest make you pay unnecessary fees. It's much easier to learn than you may be thinking!

If you're someone using an advisor and you don't understand what they are investing your money in, I'd encourage you to learn to invest on your own.

Looking for help? Email me: with subject line "INVEST" and tell me more about you I will walk you through working with me!



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