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5 Important Facts about Investing

1. The Stock Market Does NOT Discriminate

It doesn't know or care if you:

  • Are male, female, or non-binary

  • Are old or young

  • Have a college degree or not

  • Come from a rich family or not

  • Are black, white, or anything in-between

  • Are straight or lgbtqia+

It is one of the most powerful wealth-building tools in the world at your fingertips and you are fully capable of accessing it.

2. You Do Not Need Thousands of Dollars to Start Investing

Some brokerages allow you to start with as little as $1-$20 and others offer fractional shares. The stock market is not just for the wealthy, it's a way to become wealthy.

By getting started and building the habit now, once you are able to start investing more you will already know what to do!

3. You Do Not Need to be Completely Out of Debt to Start Investing

You can be paying off debt at the same time as building wealth. Paying off debt covers your past, investing funds your future.

Focus on getting your high-interest debts (>7%) paid off first then start investing and leverage low-interest debts.

4. No One Ever Saved Their Way to Wealth, You Have to Start Investing

Money sitting in your bank is losing value due to inflation. Investing helps to offset this inflation.

Keep 1-3 months living expenses in your checking account; 3-6 months in your emergency fund and cash for any upcoming big purchases as needed. The rest should be invested.

5. There Has Never Been an Easier Time in History to Start Investing

Want to learn how to start investing? Every social media platform now has people breaking it down for you - youtube, tiktok, instagram, etc.

Companies are literally making it so easy to start investing. Don't want to pick your own investments? Look into robo-advisors and/or target date funds. Just start!

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