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27 Lessons I Learned by 27

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I'm closer to 30 now more than ever which is crazy because it feels like I just hit my twenties. I never had a problem with aging, but I always struggle with self-reflecting. So I decided to take this year to reflect on 27 of my biggest life lessons and hopefully you can relate to some!

1. No one is going to tell you to speak up, start that business, go after what you want. You have to find it in yourself to do it.

2. What makes you unique is your

s u p e r p o w e r. I used to want to be like so many people, to take a little from someone I admired and make it my own, but the best and most frustrating part of life is.. you can’t.

3. Some days you’re going to be on and some days you won’t. It’s important to work extra hard when you are feeling it and give yourself a break when you are not so you don't burn out.

4. You can’t judge your beginning against someone else’s middle or end. This kept me from starting my finance page a lot earlier - someone’s already doing it and they are doing so well my thing won’t be unique. And that is just not true.

5. Diversity is beautiful. I don't want to work with people who have the same background and ideas as me. I have learned THE MOST from people who are completely different from me and who challenge me to do better and keep myself in check.

6. P r i v i l e g e is r e a l. If you have privilege, don't hide it, share it!

7. Mental health is NO JOKE. Training your mind to be positive and yourself to be grateful is HARD and takes time. I know now how to recognize when my mind is spiraling negatively and to turn it off or change its course.

8. You can’t control the outcome but you can control your intention and actions. Along with this, you can also control your reactions when things don't go as planned.

9. Make mistakes then p i v o t; it's how you learn!

10. Ask for help; I'm still working on this one.. But I would go one step further and say seek out people who are doing what you want to be doing and reach out for tips/advice.

11. PUMP UP YOUR INNER CIRCLE! - those closest to you, you want them to win! You want them to know you are in their corner and have their backs. I personally want all my friends to be successful in however they see success.

12. To be a person of success, you must first become a person of value.

13. Learn to SELL, no matter what line of work you go in to.

14. Listen actively; still working on this one... but I know it's important!

15. Compliment f r e e l y . Don't regret not saying something or not praising someone. Too many people wait till death or say it behind people's backs but never to their faces.

16. Treat important people like they’re normal and normal people like they’re important. This one may be controversial, but I truly believe it.

17. Education doesn't stop when schooling does. Keep reading and learning every day on different subjects. And keep up with current events domestically & globally.

18. Learn how to n e g o t i a t e then start doing it for yourself. Whether or not you are in sales, learning how to get what you want is super important.

19. You can only give as deep as you are

20. Learn to love and rely on yourself before trying to be a partner for someone else.

21. Get on top of your finances early, DUH! It's a fine line between YOLO and retirement, don't get caught not saving and investing anything while you're young as this is the best time to set yourself up for success.

22. Look after your HEALTH. For me,I love running and eating well, but I don't care what you do just do something. You're going to live a long life in your beautiful body, take care of it.

23. Surround yourself with people who bring you p e a c e and who allow you to be yourself.

24. Take up a hobby/passion outside of work. If work is all you have and it goes south, you need something to distract you that is a constant good in your life.

25. Keep up with politics. I used to say politics are not for me and that was my privilege showing. However, who we choose to represent us dictates where our values lay. Figure out what is important to you then V O T E for them. If you don't care, then try to vote to support the underrepresented, it's the least you can do.

26. F a m i l y o v e r e v e r y t h i n g.

27. And I'll leave one to grow on!

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