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About Me

Haley Kowalewski is a powerhouse money coach and an unwavering champion for women's financial independence. In 2020, she fearlessly launched Femme Financial, designed to equip women with the knowledge and tools they need to become self-reliant in their financial lives. Haley is a firm believer in the game-changing power of education and giving back. Her vision is a world where financial literacy empowers individuals to rise together, creating a powerful collective impact. She knows that money unlocks a world of choices and opportunities, which is why she emphasizes the importance of starting early to cultivate a healthy relationship with finances. With her dynamic background in entrepreneurship, from running her first business in college, and having a thriving career in executive recruiting/head-hunting, Haley brings a unique perspective to her coaching, empowering women on their journey towards financial security and true fulfillment.

Haley Kowalewski

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